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TV1 began as TV Malaysia on 28 December 1963. Singapore already had its own television station that debuted just ten months earlier. It was part of TV Malaysia and acts as a sister channel to TV1. The two networks separated after Singapore left the federation two years later. During its first years, it was only broadcast in the evenings, with daytime broadcasts for schools (under the TV Pendidikan banner) debuting in 1972.
TV1 started broadcasting in color since December 1978 in Peninsular Malaysia and 1980 in Sabah and Sarawak just in time for Hari Merdeka, and was formally renamed RTM1.
On 1 February 1990, along with its sister channel, TV2, the channel was renamed TV1, to coincide with their main rival, TV3. The name was reverted to RTM1 in 2006, then reverted back to TV1 in 2009. The slogan Saluran Informasi was introduced in 2009 and later on 1 February 2013, the current slogan, Mewarnaimu was introduced as part of TV1's revamp in their idents and in their programming.
On 1 April 2019, TV1 has started its HDTV broadcasting in conjunction of RTM's 73rd anniversary, and available exclusively through myFreeview DTT service on channel 101. Viewers are advised to turn the decoder on standby mode or rescan to receive the changes.
After TV1 switched from analogue to digital broadcasting, StarHub TV is no longer able to broadcast TV1 since there is an issue with the source feed beyond their control. StarHub has no plans to restore the feed in the future.