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Watch Live Streaming Sport Without Buffering

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The 2021–22 Liga 1, also known as BRI Liga 1 for sponsorship reasons,[1] is the fifth season of Liga 1 under its current name and the 12th season of the top-flight Indonesian professional league for association football clubs since its establishment in 2008. The season started on 27 August 2021.[2]

Bali United are the defending champions from the 2019 season after the 2020 Liga 1 season was abandoned and declared void after three matches due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
PSSI and PT LIB plan to hold the 2021 season in coordination with the Indonesian Police and other state agencies despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, the country with the most COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia. The original plan was to hold it from 11 June 2021 and finish on 11 March 2022. After months of debate, PSSI decided against eliminating the relegation and promotion system, an option that many cash-strapped clubs proposed. PSSI also changed the starting date to early July 2021. COVID-19 restrictions in many cities on Java island delayed the commencement to late August 2021.

In order to obtain government permission, PSSI and PT LIB themselves had to incorporate various COVID-19 restrictions for the 2021 season, including disallowing fans to be inside or outside the stadium before, during, and after matches. Only a maximum of 299 people, including players, coaches, team officials, security personnel, and special guests, are allowed to enter the stadium. In addition, all entrants are required to be tested, pass temperature checks, wear masks, and follow other health protocols. All players also must be fully vaccinated to be eligible to play. All matches are expected to be played on main island of Java to reduce contagion risks from air travel, leading to protests from non-Java teams that must relocate their base to a Java city.

As a simulation for the 2021 season, PSSI held the 2021 Menpora Cup as a pre-season tournament for the Liga 1 teams. The event was held as a reference in implementing health protocols so that government and police officials become convinced that professional football matches would not turn into super-spreader events.
Cognizant of the fluctuating situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, PSSI and PT LIB decided the league format will be divided into six series that consider the infection levels across Java island. Each series will cover 45-54 matches (five to six matchdays) played in multiple designated regions to ensure no club will play in their home grounds. The venues can change days ahead of schedule if certain regions are deemed as COVD-19 red zones or violations to COVID-19 rules occurred at a specific stadium.

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