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Live Streaming Liga 2

Live Streaming Liga 2, Prior to the formation of Indonesia Super League in 2008, Premier Division was the Indonesian top-flight football league. Along with Indonesia Super League, Premier Division is a fully professional competition.

The 2021–22 Liga 2 was the fifth season of the Liga 2 under its current name and the 12th season under its current league structure. Liga 2 (English: League Two) is the second-tier of the football competition system in Indonesia, organized by PSSI. Before 2017, this competition was named the Liga Indonesia Premier Division (from 1994 to 2007, it was the top-tier division in the Indonesian football league system). As a result of continuing conflict between PT Liga Indonesia (LI) and PT Liga Prima Indonesia Sportindo (LPIS), there were two different Liga Indonesia Premier Division being organized for 2011–12 and 2013 season, one for the Indonesia Super League and the other for Indonesian Premier League. Starting the 2014 season Premier Division is organized again by PT Liga Indonesia after the dissolution of LPIS.

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