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RTM TV2 began operations on 17 November 1969, when Televisyen Malaysia (currently known as TV1) bifurcated into two channels. It offers local and international entertainment programs, films and dramas. Some elements such as sex and violence are censored or edited out as RTM is one of the government departments. On 1 April 2019, TV2 has started its HDTV broadcasting in conjunction of RTM's 73rd anniversary, and available exclusively through myFreeview DTT service on channel 102. Viewers are advised to turn the decoder on standby mode or rescan to receive the changes. Before August 2004, TV2 used to be RTM's only English channel. The former slogan used before August 2004 was "The Golden Channel". In 1994, RTM saw the need for the Malay-market demand and in December 1994, TV2 began broadcasting Malay programming bit by bit when "Berita Tengah Malam" (Midnight News, in Malay), began airing on 27 December 1994 but from the start of 1996, the late news bulletin moved to TV1, leaving only news in English, Mandarin and Tamil to TV2. However, more children's programming in Malay meant for weekends, premiered in 1996, followed by more Malay dramas during primetime (immediately after the English news programme, News On Two), in September 1996, thus saw the return of Malay-language programming to this channel. More Malay programming were introduced even further, especially for drama, children's programmes and variety until RTM restructured all the RTM television stations in 2003, with the English news programme, "News On 1" debuted on TV1 in September that year and all kinds of local programming (drama, documentaries, current affairs and Islamic-related) in Mandarin, English and Tamil, moved to TV1 and more Malay dramas, variety and all kinds of entertainment programming moved to TV2, but the news in Mandarin and Tamil, remained on TV2 and shifted to primetime slots. The restructure was only short lived but certain programming in English remained on TV1 until 2007. In 2004, TV2's slogan was changed from English to Malay, which resulted in a new slogan: "Saluran Famili Anda".